Using OneDrive, Folder Rediection, and Group Policy Objects

The Goal

  • Use OneDrive for Business for:
    • Documents
    • Pictures
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Desktop
    • Make it transparent to the end user
    • Use GPO for easy deployment

This requires OneDrive for Business to be setup the to the same folder in %USERPROFILE% for each user for this example it will be %USERPROFILE%\One Drive for Business

The Issue

When setting the Folder Redirection setting in GPO, if target folder started with %USERPROFILE% GPO assumes it is the default location. e.g. Documents = %USERPROFILE%\Documents.

The Solution

First: Create a GPO that sets an user environment variable, this GPO must be processed BEFORE the next one.

ONEDRIVE = %USERPROFILE%\OneDrive for Business

this in User Configuration\Preferences\Windows Settings\Environment

Second: Create a GPO to set the Folder Redirection policy.

Documents = %ONEDRIVE%\Documents

this is in User Configuration\Windows Settings\Folder Redirection



gpupdate /force

on each computer and reboot or at lest log out and back in.

The Result

If the users Redirected Folders where not in the OneDrive location they were moved when they first logged in and OneDrive synced them.

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